About me

My mission in life is to build systems and infrastructure for millions of people and to help expand humankind into space!

In no particular order and excluding sexual preferences ;-)

I love dancing
I love racing motorbikes
I love airplanes and flying
I love acrobatics and aerobatics
I love space and astronomy
I love science fiction
I love aerospace tech
I love figuring out how the universe works
I love physics and economics
I love sharing knowledge
I love talking with smart people
I love entrepreneurship
I love freedom and liberalism
I love computer generated 3D graphics
I love developing base technologies
I love summer and sun
I love the sea
I love swimming and diving
I love Australia
I love sky scrapers
I love traveling into the unknown
I love running
I love long walks
I love music
I love good food
I love long family dinners
I love kids
I love the feel of high quality products

One Response to About me

  1. abraham says:

    good stuff
    thanx bro

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