Favorite Speeches

Robert Zubrin: The Importance of Space

Jeff Greason: Making Space Pay and Having Fun Doing It

Carl Sagan: Pale Blue Dot

Earl Nightingale: The Strangest Secret

Alan Watts: What if Money didn’t matter

Marianne Williamson: Our Deepest Fear

Charlie Chaplin – From The Great Dictator

Anthony Robbins: The Rocky Story

Steve Jobs: 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Neil Gaiman: Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012

Simon Sinek: Start with Why

Read my notes here.

Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe

David Logan: Tribal Leadership

Steve Jobs: Branding

Jeremy Rifkin: The Empathic Civilisation

Gary Vaynerchuk: Kill it!

Peter Schiff: Mortgage Bankers Speech 2006

Milton Friedman: Socialism is Force

Yuri N. Maltsev: Freedom versus Big Government

If You Were King

Cory Doctorow: SIGGRAPH 2011 Keynote Address

Even The Troops Are Waking Up

Robert Fleischer: Ausserirdische Präsenz

OK, these are music videos, but I but check out the lyrics:

3 Responses to Favorite Speeches

  1. “Favorite Speeches | Erik Unger’s Blog” was indeed a remarkable post, cannot wait to browse alot more of your blogs. Time to squander a lot of time on the net haha. I appreciate it -Theda

  2. Artur says:

    Thanks Erik, Great list of inspiring speeches!

    Here is another one I personally like: http://youtu.be/WibmcsEGLKo

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