Modelling Success – The “How am I thinking?” Checklist

I’ve found this checklist in the book The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz and thought it’s a gem I should share:

The “How am I thinking?” Checklist:

  1. When I worry:
    • Would an important person worry about this? Would the most successful person I know be disturbed about this?
  2. An idea:
    • What would an important person do if he had this idea?
  3. My appearance:
    • Do I look like someone who has maximum self-respect?
  4. My language:
    • Am I using the language of successful people?
  5. What I read:
    • Would an important person read this?
  6. Conversation:
    • Is this something successful people would discuss?
  7. When I lose my temper:
    • Would an important person get mad at what I’m mad at?
  8. My jokes:
    • Is this the kind of joke an important person would tell?
  9. My job:
    • How does an important person describe his job to others?

Cement in your mind the question “Is this the way an important person does it?”

  1. Look important.
  2. Think your work is important.
  3. Give yourself a pep talk several times daily. Build a “sell-yourself-to-yourself” commercial.
  4. In all of life’s situations, ask yourself, “Is this the way an important person thinks?”
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