My Notes From: The Breakthrough Experience

These are my notes from the book. There is a seminar with the same name, which is Dr. Demartini’s core program.

The Essence of Life

  • When you follow your inspirations and intuition, you grow in self-worth and potential, as well as toward you true capabilities
  • Gratitude is the key to growth and fulfillment.
  • If you are not grateful for what you’ve been given, then why would the universe want to give you more?
  • What exactly is gratitude? It’s what you feel when you’ve attained perfectly balanced perception.
  • Many people confuse gratitude with elation. They think that when they’re elated about something and say, “Oh, I’m so thankful for that!” they’re being grateful.
  • True gratitude is a quiet state of poise and inner calm where you’re truly thankful, where you sense the divine order and wouldn’t want anything to change.
  • Nothing has ever happened or can happen to you that is not a gift and a blessing, but it’s difficult to be thankful until you find the hidden benefit in what may seem at first to be a negative event.
  • There’s only two things that the world can’t take away from you: your love and your wisdom.
  • Love and wisdom are the essence of life.

Divine Order

  • Everything that happens is a vital part of the divine order.
  • Even the most terrible events always contain hidden blessings.
    • The masters know this great truth and remain undisturbed by events, while those of lesser wisdom swing from elation to depression as they move through positive and negative experiences on their way to understanding.
  • Childhood deprivation is often the source of adult dreams ans aspirations.
  • Perceived voids create values; we are programmed to seek whatever we think is missing the most.

When you buy into the fantasy of better and worse, seeking the illusion of greener pastures, you’re never present, or satisfied with your life the way it is. You think, Someday I’ll find a way to let my wife and children know how much I really love them. Someday when things are better, Ill start that business, take that trip, or write that book. You live on Someday Isle, which doesn’t exist.

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think and Grow Rich, once said, “Don’t look for opportunities in the far distances of space and time, but embrace them right where you are, because where you are already has the perfection and the balance.” Right this minute you have everything you need to fulfill your life.

At any moment of your life, you will never be put down without being lifted up, nor lifted up without being put down. Positive and negative, good and bad, support and challenge, peace and war – all come together in pairs. They are simultaneous and perfectly balanced, and that is what makes up the divine order.

  • If you ever see one side without the other, you’re living in an illusion.
  • Nobody will ever put us up or down as much as we do, because no one will ever think as much or as intensely about us as we think about ourselves.
  • People treat you exactly the way you unconsciously treat yourself. Their outer mannerisms toward you reflect your inner mannerisms, so one of the most powerful ways to transform your life is to become consciously aware of you beliefs and feelings about yourself.

True Love

  • True love emerges from a state of emotional balance. One of the purposes of having a partner is to maintain a loving equilibrium.
  • If you would love to be the director of your own life, you must equilibrate your perceptions and emotions.
  • The heart opens only when the mind becomes consciously equilibrated, while imbalanced emotions close it down.
  • Love is made up of two sides: support and challenge.
    • Were you aware that supporting someone can make them weak and dependent, and that challenging them can make them strong and independent?
    • A child requires both support and challenge in perfect equilibrium. If one parent plays one side, the other parent will play the other. If not, the brother or sister will play it, or the kid down the street will beat them up. They won’t escape whatever it takes to equilibrate them.
  • Nature won’t allow anything but equilibrium.
  • Strange as it may seem, critics and the tabloids actually help keep celebrities alive by balancing all the praise and adulation their receive.
  • One of the greatest illusions people fall into is the search for pleasure without pain, praise without reprimand, or nice without mean. Looking for elusive, one-sided events in a two-sided universe is the root of people’s so-called suffering.
  • When you embrace the balance and the truth, love surrounds you. You can’t escape true love. You can’t run from it. There’s nowhere to go. When you understand this truth, your fears and guilt can evaporate, and you can begin to dance with your life.
    • To a master, there is no such thing as attacks, only invitations to dance.
    • When somebody lifts you up or puts you down, if you buy into their one-sided illusion, they can run your life.
    • If every time a a crisis struck, you trained yourself to immediately look for the blessing and opportunity that certainly exists, you could dance with your life.


Before you go to sleep tonight, lie comfortably in you bed and begin giving thanks inwardly. Remember everyone who helped you today. Call up their image in your mind’s eye and thank them for their support or challenge, niceness o r meanness, or simply their presence in your life. Identify what they were teaching you and how what they were balancing.

Continue until you feel great gratitude for your day – until you see that both sided are perfectly balanced and both are love. Going to sleep with a grateful, open heart is a powerful healing practice. Your dreams will become more inspiring, and you will awaken in the morning with lighter state of mind.

Lighten Up

  • Whatever you don’t want to see or appreciate in yourself, you keep attracting into you life until you learn to love it.
  • You are not here to run from sadness to happiness, because fulfillment is not possible when you deny half of you existence.

Pain and Pleasure

Let’s say you were doing some job around the house and you smashed your thumb with a hammer. Just as you began cursing and leaping around the room, the doorbell rang. If the person at thee door had come to congratulate you on just winning $50 million in th lottery, you probably would notice little or no sensation of pain in your thumb. When pain and pleasure are perfectly balanced, both disappear.

The funny thing is that pain and pleasure remain perfectly balanced at every moment, but you selectively attend to on side or the other and feel pleasure or pain accordingly. There is both pain and pleasure in youth and age, poverty and wealth, solitude and multitude, illness and wellness.

Love is simply a state of non-separation, where you perceive no division between yourself an d some aspect of the world. In that wholeness and oneness, you experience what the ancient Hindu philosophers described as the highest state of consciousness, where whatever you see is you. To the degree you tap in to that state, your dreams are in your hands. You have access to an infinitude of possibility because you’re now tuning in to you infinite potential through the balance of love.

That is the unified field theory, the unified force that immortalizes people. When you can tap in to that source, whatever you dream is yours. In that state, you know why you’re here, you’re filled with certainty, and you r mind becomes clear and focused. When you feel worth of having your dreams, they appear. Your innermost dominant thought becomes your outermost tangible reality. Whatever you think about – and thank about – you bring about.

  • When you know that you are loved no matter what, you have great power.

The Perfection of Two Sides

All emotions are lies. The truth is love, but emotions are half-truths, distortions and lies. There is nothing but love, and all else is illusion. We go through life merely living instead of embracing it all. We oscillate between our positive and negative emotions because we don’t love.

You don’t have command over anything that you have emotions about; you only have command over the things you love. Love is a perfectly equilibrated, divinely ordained state of consciousness that’s available to you 24 hours a day if you just balance your mind and don’t let it go off on emotional illusions.

  • Every expression and repression of emotion will run your life.
  • Love is not an emotions; it transcends emotion. It is the synthesis of all polar-opposite emotions.
  • Emotions are blind because they see only one side.

Have you ever noticed that when somebody tries to praise you beyond your true worth, you’ll put yourself down in front of them? And if someone tries to cut you down below your true worth, you’ll lift yourself up to balance it?

Exercise 1

  • Affirmation: “No matter what I have done or have not done, I am worthy of love!

Exercise 2

  1. Look back over your life and identify every single thing that you think was somehow negative – that is not meaningful and purposeful and aligned with your destiny. For each item, ask your, “How was that an active of love? How did that serve me and others? How did that help me?” Don’t stop until you can give thanks for each one.
  2. Then ask, “How did that help me become what I am today? How did that person or event bless me and contribute to my mission?” You’ll see that there was not one person or event that didn’t equilibrate you and wake you up.
  3. Imagine what it would be like if you could not see anything else around you but perfect equilibrium, and the more clearly you saw it, the more you saw the divine assistance. No matter what happened, you could turn it into guidance and fuel for you journey home or your destiny. When you know everything serves you, what can stop you?

Living Dreams

  • To be a genius, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams, but there’s always a price.
  • Donald Trump’s strategy to get to his priorities: He bought a 15-minute hourglass, and when someone walked into his office, he’d turn it over and say, “You’ve got 15 minutes to make your pitch. Go!” He made them get real, get clear, and get present. If they weren’t focused enough to sell him in that time, he gave them a decision right away. His business and energy went way up as a result.
  • The key to success: Try really working eight hours a day, be present with your mind eight hours a day.
  • The masses wait to see it to believe it, but the master believes it and then sees it. The master affirms and believes it ahead of time. We create our lives with our thoughts, every minute of the day.

The Dream Is in the Detail

  • If you get absolutely crystal clear on exactly what you would love, and you can’t see anything but that, it’s almost impossible for you not to get it.
  • If you know that no matter what happens, your life is serving your dreams, then nothing can stop you. The minute you truly commit to your dream, watch the universe immediately bring you the sustenance and the challenges necessary to fulfill it.

Secrets of an Inspired Life

  • The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.
  • Even when you’re not inspired and consciously following your mission, you still play a part in the divine order. There’s nothing wrong if you feel like you’re off purpose. Just know that your resources, energy and life will be give to somebody else who is inspired and feeling purposeful.


Create the life you love:

  1. Every day, sit for a moment in silent meditation and concentrate on exactly what you would love to create in your life. Imagine every detail you can, and then even more. See your life exactly the way you would love it to be. Let your imagination be real enough to come true, yet ideal enough to inspire and stretch you.
  2. Write down all that you can imagine, and begin formulating your goals. Writing down you dreams helps them come true, so include all the details.
  3. Every day, take at least one action step toward making your goals come true. What you move toward moves toward you.
  4. Keep record of every synchronous, goal-aligned event that occurs; they fill your life when you stop to acknowledge them. Write down all the events that come true each day that demonstrate that you’re moving in the direction of you dreams.
  5. Keep refining your goals, becoming clearer with each passing day about what you would love to create.
  6. As you begin to fulfill these goals, be sure to add new ones all revolving around your chief aim or purpose in life.
  7. Maintain an achievement and blessing journal. Be thankful for every supportive and challenging event that occurs to give you feedback and fulfillment on the road to your dreams.

Both Sides Now

Everybody has two sides. If you’re honest, you’ll see that you are both saint and sinner, virtuous and vicious. So when someone accuses you of something, don’t waste time defending yourself. Instead, admit that you are in fact possessor of whatever it is the’re attaching you for. Not only are you possessor, but they are, too, and they’re judging themselves; that’s why they’re accusing you. If it hurts to hear it, that means you haven’t seen how that quality servers you or others and you’re judging yourself. Their gift to you is to wake you up to another part of yourself that you haven’t yet loved.

  • Whatever you do, you do to yourself. To judge others only compounds you own faults. -The Buddha

“The longer I stayed positive, the more something would blow, and I’d get really negative, either to myself or someone else. I noticed that the more I tried to put on the facade of being positive, the more i’d beat myself up inside. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get rid of my negative side.”

  • People who try to be positive to everybody, at home and in the world, end up negating themselves.
  • If you try to put on a facade for the world about how positive and upbeat your are, there will be chaos in you private life or your personal health.
  • Tragedy heals self-righteous people; it humbles them back down into their hearts. Comedy heals self-wrongeous people by lifting them back up into their heart.

If everything you did, said, and thought was broadcast 24 hours a day on eternity television, and everyone knew everything about you, could you love yourself?

Mastery is the ability to take your privates public. By that, I mean that if you can take the private things you don’t like about yourself and embrace them to the point where it doesn’t matter if people find out about them or not, then you love yourself. When you love yourself, people can’t push your buttons, but they will automatically attack you in whatever areas you attack yourself.

  • When you give yourself permission to be fully human, you approach the divine.


We normally look for differences between ourselves and others. This exercise is designed to reverse that. Sit in a public place where you have3 a great view of passerby, and start identifying yourself in them. Look quickly from person to person, and whatever trait stands out, ask yourself where and when you have the same quality. Find out where and when you’re exactly like them.

As you improve, you’ll be able to find yourself in anyone and anything.

  • Whatever I see is me.

Who’s Minding the Store?

  • Death is a naturally recurring part of the cycle of life; there is no life without death, and the greater the death, the greater the life.
  • The greater you vision and patience, the greater your power and scale of creation.
  • Death is an illusion; life just changes form.
  • There is nothing to fix, but much to love.


Transcend the myth of loss or death:

  1. Think of someone you believe you “lost” at some time in your life, through change, divorce, or death. Write down the specific traits or aspects you think you lost.
  2. Go back to that exact time and place, and ask yourself, “What were the new forms of these specific traits or aspects? How did those qualities immediately show up in my life in some other form?” As you discover them, write down the new form that each quality appeared in. You may have to be creative and insightful to recognize the new form. The qualities you miss in someone may appear in other people, yourself, a beloved animal, or new relationships and opportunities. They can also manifest in the virtual reality of your memory, imagination, and dreams.
  3. It’s not a matter of if the new forms exist; it’s simply a matter of where they exist, so don’t stop looking until you find them. You’ll know you’re done when you realize that you wouldn’t exchange the new form for what seemed lost. When you see the blessings, you’ll experience a moment of silence and stillness, and a tear of inspiration.


  • The purpose of relationship isn’t happiness; it’s a combination of happiness and sadness, which makes up fulfillment.
  • As you grow in wisdom, you’ll learn to embrace and love others for who they are, looking for the benefits they offer you and knowing that they represent parts of you that you’ve buried or disowned. Wisdom means thanking others for bringing to your awareness those areas where you’ve lied and not loved, and for being grateful that they’ve given you this opportunity to love.
  • When you can’t wait to share a message from your heart, your students can’t wait to hear it.
  • The purpose of marriage is to teach people how to fully love themselves, their owned and disowned parts. Love is the perfect equilibrium of pain and pleasure, support and challenge, nice and mean, pleasant and unpleasant, like and dislike.
  • People who say, “I don’t want to play games in relationship,” are constantly at the mercy of the game.
  • Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu
  • Your values dictate your destiny. Anything that supports your highest values you call “good” and are attracted to; anything that challenges them you call “bad” and are repelled by.
  • Your values are based on the perception that something is missing, that a void exists. But the Law of Conservation says that nothing is missing, it’s just in a form you haven’t recognized. You think you’re missing it; therefor, you seek it, and anything you think supports that search you call good and anything that challenges it you call bad.
  • A careless relationship is one in which you project and focus on you own values without considering your partner’s at all. A careful relationship is when you think in terms of their values without considering your own – this one is called “walking on eggshells”. Both are one-sided approaches that ignore the other person and create tension in the relationship. But a caring relationship is one where you communicate your values in terms of theirs. You think of both sides simultaneously, expressing your love for yourself and each other. The definition of caring is knowing someone well enough to know their values, and caring enough to express your values in terms of theirs.
  • “I have my individuality, too, and I can’t sacrifice my life totally for her. The more I sacrifice myself for her, the more she’ll minimize me because I’m minimizing myself. She’ll take me for granted and treat me accordingly.”
  • Whenever something supports your values; you take away the rules, and when something challenges your values, you set rules. Nations do it, companies do it, and you do it in relationships. You set up rules when your values feel threatened.
  • Often when we’re in a relationship, we unwisely think the other person is supposed to be like us, and we project our hierarchy of values onto them. When they support our values, we call them “good” and let them do almost anything they want. But when they challenge our values, we suddenly call them “bad” and clamp down with our laws, rules and ultimatums.
  • We want our partner to be like us, but if any two people are exactly the same, one of them is unnecessary.
  • Every human being has a domain, a territory that fluctuates according to their emotions. Arguments happen when two people in a relationship need to either add or subtract space, time, energy or matter. Any perceptions of too much or too little of any of those elements will cause arguments to equalize them. Are arguments bad? No the’re telling you that somebody loves you and wants to regulate space time energy and matter with you.
  • Did you know that everyone has a running checklist on their relationship with you? They have a complete log of every exchange from the time they met you until now, and you have the same with them. They know exactly where your exchange with them is, and when there’s a conflict, out it comes. Remember that what they think is just what they think; it may or may not be accurate, and the argument is the process of sort it out.
  • Give space and you get love; give love and you get space.
  • When you love someone, you’re the nicest and the meanest too them. You support and challenge, you’re pleasant and unpleasant, you lift them up and you put them down, you do things for them and ignore them. Those are the two sides of love. The myth says that you’re supposed to show only one side, but that creates tension in a relationship and in your life because it represses half of the truth.
  • Love cannot be rejected, but expectation will certainly be. Most people confuse love with expectation. You can’t avoid having expectations and opinions, but to get stuck in them is to stop your growth.
  • Whatever you love turns into what you would most love it to be. If you try to fix or change somebody, they’ll resist; but if you honor and thank them for who they are, as they are, and love them for who they are, they’ll assist. When you love people for who they are, the turn into whom you love.
  • People want to blame someone else when they don’t understand their accountability for their own reality. Have you ever noticed that blame doesn’t empower you? It can, in fact, be very dis-empowering, and it won’ t get you what you would truly love in life.
  • Life is funny. The moment you realize you already have everything you’re looking for, the universe gives it to you. The instant you think you don’t have something, it evades you further.
  • The greatest discovery in life is that no matter what you do, you’re being supported and challenged simultaneously. The second greatest discovery is that nothing is missing; it’s just in a form you haven’t recognized.
  • Happiness and sadness are the two sides of fulfillment.
  • There is nothing but love, and all else is illusion.


  • I haven’t seen anyone liberate themselves, nor seen anyone open their heart or become empowered, by blaming playing the victim. No liberation is complete until you realize that your perceptions are your own cause, and it’s up to you to empower yourself. The second you understand that you’re playing a role that attracted those forces, you have the power to transform that reality. You are the author of your own life.
  • Disease and illness are the signs and symptoms that the body uses to reveal to us where we’re not loving.
  • Illness is your body’s way of telling you that you’re lying about life.
  • There is a meaning behind all events, and wisdom is finding and saying “thank you” for your meaningful life.
  • I have yet to find anything on this planet that wasn’t serving someone in some way.
  • Anything you don’t love about a past relatinship of any kind you bring right into your next one; you keep dealing with it because it’s not about them, it’s about you. Love yourself enough to love them, and set both of you free.
  • Don’t complain about your lot. Instead, ask yourself, “How does my illness serve? What is the hidden benefit to my fear or confusion or lack of money?” and don’t stop until you’re thankful for it.
    • Does it make you slow down, seek healing, remind you of your mortality and stop taking life for granted, return to basics and take responsibility for your life? Does it help you dig inside and find courage, be grateful for small things, humble you, attract help and support, motivate you to get creative and get real? I promise you that th blessing is there, but you must be willing to look for it.
  • Anything you perceive as life-threatening or destroying is also life-giving and creating, if you only have the wisdom to look for it.
  • The only real meaning of forgiveness to me is, “Thank you for giving me this experience,” whatever it may be. If you can say that, you’re no longer fearful or a victim.


  • Great geniuses are willing to pay the price. They’re willing to make sacrifices for their dreams. They do whatever it takes. There’s nothing wrong with that, because pain and pleasure always come together in a pair.
  • The story you tell yourself about your life is what your life becomes.
  • The Law of Lesser Pissers: If you’re given the choice between pissing someone else of or pissing yourself off, chose them.
  • The greatest cause of illness, disease, and death is not living your dreams. That will kill you quicker than anything else.
  • Don’t think you’ll ever be without fears in your life; fear means you’re growing and challenging yourself beyond you comfort zones.
  • Many who can’t see your dream will immediately try to ridicule you, or ask you to clarify how you’ll fulfill it. It’s part of the equilibrating game. Anybody who ridicules you also honors you by acknowledging that you have exceeded their capacity to understand what you’re about.
  • Every moment we spend not focused on your dreams becomes a moment we spend focused on our doubts and obstacles.
  • Everybody has a dream, but a genius is willing to define and redefine that dream and keep acting on high-priority actions to fulfill it.
  • Fantasies are lopsided illusions to which we compare our reality; they eventually depress us. Dreams are realistic objectives that we refine our lives toward and can live.
  • Your vitality is directly proportionate to the vividness of your vision and the clarity of your calling, which are directly proportionate to how well you see and acknowledge the divine order.
  • I link everything I do to my mission, and I am inspired by my life.
  • I walk through the darkened doorway where fear lurks, and I turn on the light.


  • Read about the lives of those who have left an immortal legacy to humankind. By immersing yourself in the lives of these geniuses, you’ll carry some of that inspiration away with you.

The Quantum Collapse Process

(The process itself is not explained here, only quotes from the chapter)

  • There’s no such thing as somebody being too hard; there’s just somebody who reminds you of what you don’t want to own inside yourself.

Believing Is Seeing

  • Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail
  • God is in the details. An inspired vision isn’t just some vague perception; it must be extremely clear and detailed.
  • In this creation process, you have a balance between making things happen and letting things happen. it’s wise to lay out a plan, but not to be so rigid with it that you can’t allow refinement and adaption.
  • The purpose of this plan isn’t necessarily to make it go only that way, but to allow you mind to see it clearly enough to erase all fear and doubt. Then you attract what you envisioned, or even more efficient alternatives.
  • If you set a goal with your self-righteous persona, you’re going to get burned out attempting to accomplish it. If you set with your self-wrongeous persona, you won’t be motivated and you’ll bebored in. Inspiring visions that are crystal clear can be manifested. You don’t get elated or depressed about them; you just keep working away until they materialize.
  • Students who study only practical matters don’t develop a broad enough vision to extend beyond themselves. They must be stretched and made uncomfortable to get out beyond their normal ream of thinking.
  • The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. -Marcel Proust
  • I plan to live my life fully until the moment I stop breathing, being productive and doing something that fulfills me and servers others.
  • The most magnificent thing in life is to be able to get up every morning and do what you love and love what you do, to be well paid and inspired to do it, to make your vacation you vocation.
  • Most people are too busy to take the time to plan, and they’re distracted by low-priority actions instead of committing themselves to high-priority dreams.
  • The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask.
  • I am the author of my life.
  • Whoever has the most certainty, rules.
  • God is the power, I’m the vision; we’re the team.

Materialization: The Blueprint of Creation

  • If you believe in God, work with him. If you do not, become one. -Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

There are many levels of excuse in answer to the question, “Why aren’t you self-actualizing your life and living exactly the way you would love it to be?” and they’re all based on fears and forms of guilt.

I havn’t self -actualized my life because…

  • desire to lose the fat on my body first.
  • want to pay off my debts first.
  • need to complete my education first.
  • ought to spend time doing charity work at my church first.
  • have to raise my family first.

None of those are necessarily true. The’re all excuses for not doing what you love, but excuses won’t bring you your dreams. If a person was absolutely certain and had an unshakable belief in themselves an what they do, you could take away their money and everything they have they’d just create it again.

To materialize your dreams, you must consistently take two wise action steps:

  1. Define your dreams. If you don’t define them, don’t expect to have them.
  2. Ask yourself what’s in the way of those dreams. It makes a difference. If you find yourself making excuses, know that any excuse can be dissolved by a Collapse. Procrastination, which define as putting off living your dreams, is based primarily on three things: an un-chunked and un-detailed goal, a lopsided perception, and a dream that isn’t linked of aligned with your highest values or purpose. Break any goal into doable steps, balance your perceptions, and link you dreams to you highest values, and you’ll break through procrastination and act. Self-actualization requires no excuses, but people use excuses to justify why they’re not doing what they would love to do.

Do you know people who think they’re purely giving, charity-oriented altruists? If somebody says, “I would love to give this to you from my heart; I love to give, it’s my nature,” you can test for their hidden agenda by saying, “Oh, thank you so much for this lovely gift,” and then give it to someone else right then and there, or possibly ignite it in front of them. Suddenly their hidden agenda surfaces, and the expectation behind their giving is revealed. If they had truly given for the sake of giving, they would be able to appreciate your action. But if the hidden agenda is, “you’re supposed to appreciate my exquisite taste, thank me, and be grateful,” it will suddenly leap up an they’ll react. Know that giving and taking maintain equilibrium. Become awakened to others and your own hidden agendas.

  • So self-mastered people maintain fair exchange in their lives. that’s why one of the most ancient Greek provers said, “Payment is due when services are rendered.”
  • If you receive a large inheritance and you don’t know what you’ve done to deserve it, some equilibrating force is likely to reduce that amount to exactly what you feel you’ve earned.
  • To equilibrate your perception and feel that there has been fair exchange, you’d be wise to find out what you did to earn what you have received.
  • The universe is asking you, “What is your value?” and waiting patiently until you finally wake up to it.

The Manifestation Formula:

  1. Clarify you purpose.
  2. Link all seven areas of life to your purpose.
  3. Think about what you would love.
  4. Visualize what you would love.
  5. Affirm what you would love.
  6. Feel what you would love.
  7. Write what you would love.
  8. Act on what you would love.
  9. Materialize what you would love. Affirm that you’re at the perfect place, at the perfect time, to meet the perfect people to fulfill the perfect dreams. If yo begin to experience any doubt, fill your mind with height-priority thoughts, and take high-priority action steps. fill your day with the things you love, and watch what happens.
  10. Be thankful for what you would love.
  • Purpose + thought + vision + affirmation + feeling + writing things down in space and time + taking action with energy on matter + being thankful, manifests things.
  • I’ve heard people say things such as, “It’s going to take me two of three years to fulfill one of my dreams,,” but I say, so what? What else would you do with those years anyway?
  • If you’re really determined, you can make it “meant to be.” Be willing to do whatever it takes. Allow nothing to stop you.
  • At the end of you life, you';re going to be asking yourself, “Did I do everything I could with everything I was given? Did I use all of my talents to the fullest?” What do yo want the answers to be?
  • How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!

Completion: Full Circle

  • Your mind dictates your destiny, and you dominant thought determines your world. Don’t just repeat the words I’ve give you; become them. Say them as if you life depended on them! -Paul Bragg
  • Ancient wisdom dictates that if you don’t pass or light another torch, you won’t receive greater light. Whatever you would love to master, pass it on like a torch. If you help others achieve what they would love to achieve in life, you’ll be more enabled to achieve what you would love.
  • To those who believe, no proof is necessary. To those who don’t no proof is possible. Waste no words on those who seek not. Sometimes silence is more powerful than speech. Be wise in your selection of torch carriers.
  • The quicker you gather information and the faster you give to others what you’ve learned, the more you remember. The more time that elapses between receiving and broadcasting, the less you retain and the less certain you become. If you’d love to have a photographic mind, immediately give out what you’ve taken in.
  • Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise men of old. Seek what they sought. -Matsuo Menefusa
  • Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize who close they were to success when they gave up. -Thomas Edison
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid,. Everybody who ever did anything extraordinary was frightened at times. All things are in balance. If you have great fear, you also have great courage, for they remain in equal proportions; and both are necessary for us to evolve and grow.
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16 Responses to My Notes From: The Breakthrough Experience

  1. Tim Webster says:

    Wow – such thorough notes! I’d love to here how you’ve applied these things to your own life over the past six months or so.

    All the best

  2. Jon Dean says:


    Thanks for the notes. Really appreciated.


  3. Romy says:

    Great notes, many thanks for sharing!

    With love,

  4. Craig says:

    I find this post quite odd. It’s very reminiscent of Buddhist philosophy and yet seems completely focused on the antithesis of Buddhism; materialism and attachment. Trying to “learn a thing or two from Buddhism” while shunning it’s less desirable realizations is rather missing the point.

    • Steve Wilkes says:

      It is only missing the point if the purpose is to follow Buddhism Craig. It seems to me to be self evident that any journey to self realisation is going to introduce similair concepts at times to the great masters. It doesn’t mean therefore for it to be correct it has to follow every premise.

      Fab notes thanks just reading the Breakthrough Experience at the moment, it is incredible and challenging at the same time

    • Nicole says:

      Hi Craig
      I understand why you might draw a conclusion that Dr Demartini’s work is drawn from Buddhism but that is not the case. His teachings are based on his research, synthesis and mastery of the teachings of many philosophers and past masters in all areas of life. Of course, his teachings are vast and a synopsis of his work based on the book, The Breakthrough Experience, cannot possibly do justice to the breadth and depth of Dr Demartini’s teachings.

      If you have any interest in gaining a greater and more balanced perspective of his teachings I highly recommend you visit his website and The Demartini Institute.
      With gratitude,

  5. Mark says:

    Many thanks for sharing & for your generosity.

  6. Jewel says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing blog

  7. Daniel says:

    Great notes. I did the breakthrough this year and this recaptured it perfectly.

  8. NovaStar says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful summary, it made so much more sense when reading it here. Really appreciated the effort and time.

  9. Brendan says:

    Great notes, thanks! Think its worth £1500 (2500USD) for the course? That just seems really expensive! My partner doesn’t want me to waste the money. Demartini’s in town this weekend.

  10. Vishal says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post up.

  11. Amazing notes. Thank you so much.


  12. Cynthia says:

    I appreciate the notes you shared. I tend to learn by listening and I am not able to note take and absorb all the spoken words. So thank you for sharing all your work, I believe we are all put here to learn educate and share knowledge to better ourselves and give others the same.

  13. Angela Kenny says:

    Thanks for sharing your very detailed notes. I enjoyed reading them especially as I’ve been listening to Dr. Demartini’s webinar. Have you heard any feedback from his live breakthrough sessions?

  14. Vesna says:

    Thank you for the notes Erik! They are really well written, preparing for my Breakthrough Experience number 4

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