Why Am I Writing a Personal Blog?

I don’t want to discuss this question on the level of social media visibility and self marketing. While reading the book The Breakthrough Experience by Dr. John Demartini I found a much deeper, philosophical reason why it might be a good idea to make yourself and your thoughts public.

Consider the following question:
If everything you did, said, and thought was broadcast 24 hours a day on eternity television, and everyone knew everything about you, could you love yourself?

Demartini writes: “Mastery is the ability to take your privates public. By that, I mean that if you can take the private things you don’t like about yourself and embrace them to the point where it doesn’t matter if people find out about them or not, then you love yourself. When you love yourself, people can’t push your buttons, but they will automatically attack you in whatever areas you attack yourself.”

“When you give yourself permission to be fully human, you approach the divine.”

This led me to the conclusion, that publishing your live is a training in self love. It forces you to embrace all aspects of yourself. If you are hiding anything from the public, you can also hide it from yourself. But then you are also attackable by others. You can’t be attacked –
meaning taking that attack personal and serious – for something you already told everybody and have integrated both, the positive and negative aspects of it, into your mind/consciousness/world view. Basically you have disarmed that aspect of your life by publishing it and finding personal balance with it.

With being public I mean oneself as a person, the thinking mind. Of course this doesn’t include all the details of ones businesses and relationships.

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